During my 2nd year at Hogeschool van de Kunsten Utrecht, me and my friends worked our asses off to create STAPELGEK. 

STAPELGEK is a shortfilm animated by Rogier Sikkema and Stijn Konijn. Production and  planning  by Yorick van Kuijen. During this project I was responsible for texturing, lighting/shading and cinematography.

The main focus was to create a world which would be visual pleasing for children.  Besides creating a playful and colorful world, this was also my first deep dive into storytelling. After analyzing tons of shorts we ultimately ended up finding a lot of inspiration from the Scrat shorts. Stapelgek is the project which ignited my love for visual storytelling using animation. 

Stapelgek was a deep dive into the 3D world. Essentially my team and me learned how to properly produce a 3D short in a limited amount of time. The project lasted for only half a year. My job was to create a believable and appealing world using my shading, lighting and rendering skills. Since I didn't have the time nor the skills to do proper texturing, I challenged myself to really push my lighting skills to complement the cinematography and overall mood.

Greatly inspired by the famous Scrat from ice age, We tried to incorporate small jokes throughout the film, carefully crafted to make children laugh. STAPELGEK tries to teach children about the downsides of being a perfectionist.


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